Monday, March 24, 2008

Beijing 2008, on its way (?)

Easter weekend is over, but it left us after an interesting event took place on it: The Olympic torch was lit in Greece, and it officially started its world tour that will continue until August 8, when the Beijing Olympics will begin. But, unlike previous occasions, this time the ceremony to light the torch was full of political activism and protests.

Some of the protesters were specifically targeted to the unrest in Tibet in the past week, whilst another bunch of people were focusing on China's poor human rights records. A few more where concerned about the violations to freedom of speech in the Asian nation. As a response, the Chinese organizers blamed the Dalai Lama of the unrest in Tibet, and of trying to boycott the upcoming Olympics. So on, it looks that the first 'tangible' event related to this year's Olympics was full of details that really makes me wonder whether the Beijing Olympics will be an international sports event, or rather a platform for protesters to raise their voice against China's most notorious social issues.

It looks that the fireworks are just about to begin. The rest of the trip of the Olympic torch will be very interesting. How many protests and blockades will it find on its way to Beijing? Let's wait to find out.

Photo from the China Daily


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