Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Maglev: The future has begun!

Due to the recent tragedy that occured in a subway line in Valencia, Spain, where a piece of steel laying in the rails supposedly caused the train to have an accident in which more than 30 people died, I thought that maybe it's time to find alternate (and safer) subway systems.
And maybe the solution for this could be found in Eastern Asia, more specifically in China and Japan. I found (maybe some of you know this already, but it's new for me) that they use a high-tech train that works by magnetic levitation, called maglev.
This kind of train doesn't touch the rails at all, so it can reach a very high speed (650 km/h), its oil consumption is very low, and it produces almost no noise. The con: it has a high implementation cost, but would this invest be worth for big cities? Maybe if you consider that they're much safer and faster than conventional subways, it would be. But we'll have to wait for sure to see this as a popular choice for modern urban and suburban transport, for now, we can say that, apart from the accident that occured in Spain this week, most of the actual subway systems are safe and effective.


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