Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Some philosophy around Valentine's

Tomorrow is February 14, Valentine's day.
There's no doubt that there are days throughout the year that are worth to celebrate, and some that don't. Valentine's is one of those that don't.
Why is celebrating Valentines so important? What's the real point of doing it? My philosophy is that, if you really want to show how good is your friendship with somebody, or how much you love another person, it's not necessary to wait until a certain date during the calendar to have all kinds of affective demonstrations. Moreover, you should make your best to demonstrate how you care about a person everyday.
If you ask me, Valentine's is a day to cheer hypocrisy. It's very hypocritical to be someone you're not only for a specific date. This magic is somewhat strange: It doesn't matter if a person hurts a friend during the year, and it doesn't even matter if a person enjoys to create gossip around other people. The magic of Valentine's makes everything very clean and smooth for a day. That's the only date in the year when you see the power that a box of chocolates or a stupid balloon can provide.
Definitely, I don't celebrate that. Not because I'm a bitter and twisted guy, it's only because I don't feel like celebrating a day to show people how deceitful I can become for a day.
If people want to receive something from me, they will in the appropriate moments of life. If I expect a person to give me something in life, I don't expect it to be a greeting card that has written something like "you're a good friend" or "I love you". That's not a demonstration of real friendship whatsoever.
However, I think that Valentine's also has its good points. It's a day that really encourages people to activate the economic cycle, by spending more money. Such money can be later spent as extra payments for workers and other projects that may benefit society. So seeing it from that point of view, it seems to be a great idea to me.
But this is a free world and I'm not trying to discourage anybody from celebrating Valentine's. If you wish to, you can. That's everyone's choice. And just in case you do, happy Valentine's.


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