Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tired of scoring scarcity in hockey games?

Do you follow hockey games? Are you sick of watching games with a low amount of goals?
If that's your situation, it is very likely that some people inside the NHL are feeling exactly the same way.
According to a report that appeared today in the Victoria News Daily, the league is evaluating the option of using larger nets so the amount of goals per game may increase.
Jarome Iginla, currently playing for the Calgary Flames and a member of the NHL's Competition Committee, stated however that this measure would be a last resort. The league is analyzing other options that allow to increase the goals per game without the need of radically changing the rules of the game.
I think that modifying the size of the nets would be a good idea to achieve that purpose, as long as the new measures are not too different from what it is now. Otherwise, we could expect to watch future games with a scoring frequency comparable with modern basketball games. Anyway, if there are other options on the table, it would be good to hear them first, before determining the best solution for scoring scarcity in the NHL. Just as Iginla says, "when you look at other sports, they have made big changes over the years".

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