Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquakes, shakes and thoughts

The tragic earthquake and tsunami that earlier this week shook Japan is a wake up call for us. It is a reminder that we are small and our power limited, when compared to the might of nature. It is also a reminder that we are all here to help one another, and not to fight and dominate over the others.

It is sad that only in moments like these we remember those basic concepts. Last year, it was first Haiti and then Chile who were caught in times of distress after massive earthquakes, and the world united again. A few weeks ago, th
e city of Christchurch in New Zealand went through a similar ordeal, gathering compassion and solidarity from the nations of the world. Now, it is the Japanese nation who needs from the world's solidarity to repair, wherever possible, the loss and damages caused by the massive earthquake that hit their country.

May the recovery be fast and wholesome, and may this episode unite the nations of the world and inspire us to live in peace. My heart, thoughts and sympathies are with the people of Japan.

Photo by MSNBC