Saturday, October 09, 2010

Growing up

Human relations are not easy. They are not even logical; we are meant to pursue what in essence makes no sense whatsoever. Giving it a second thought, it is clear that human relations are all about either trying to please another party or trying to get other people to please our own desires. And that's about it.

Why does all this comes to mind right now? Well aside from the long period of absence of my blog I have had lately, I have also had the opportunity to analize more in depth people's behaviours. That has proved to be crucial in order to understand why people act the way they do, and what can be done about it.

Bottom line, people have a real need to be noticed. No one, ever, enjoy being ignored and considered outside of the 'main circle' of friends within a group. The complexity of the relationships becomes more and more complex when men and women become older and (allegedly) more mature, because the definition of "good" and "desirable" starts to stand away from any sense of reality.

My theory is that, with age, people change. But despite the general idea that such changes are positive, I find that people change in order to accommodate themselves in a comfortable social status. A social status that is not too isolated, but it's not very far away either: A social status that will allow you to gain a social rank on your own; but which nevertheless will be hard enough to preserve.

And now, my dear people, go figure why men and women were programmed by the default by automatic greeting machines... I might have an idea now