Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chavez' investments on 'science'

I have a personal saying: When you think you've seen the worst, be prepared to prove yourself that you were wrong. This means that, each time we think we've seen the most stupid, or the most horrific, or most evil things on Earth, we should be aware that it is possible to reach new lows, and those new lows will be invariably reached by someone, at some point of time.

It is unbelievable the degree of foolishness that some individuals can reach in order to gain popularity. Evo Morales' proposal to move the UN headquarters and his initiative to force Coca Cola to remove the "Coca" part from its trademark seem to be very clever and humanistic when compared to the newest idea launched by his friend and ally Hugo Chavez in Venezuela: To examine Simon Bolivar's remains to determine the "true" cause of his death.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is as pathetic as it could get. History tells that Simon Bolivar (1783-1830), a Venezuelan native and Liberator of several South American countries (including Venezuela, of course), died of tuberculosis in Santa Marta, Colombia, shortly before leaving for exile in Europe. Bolivar has been used by Hugo Chavez as a symbol of his socialist movement, which he calls the socialism of the 21st century, and as such, Chavez believes that it is Venezuela's 'moral obligation' to investigate the cause of Bolivar's death, as he might as well have been intentionally poisoned. Not only that, but Chavez also wants to make sure that nobody has 'made the bones disappear'.

Chavez says that the Venezuelan government is ready to dedicate as many resources as the country can offer to solve this 'big' national concern. No doubt about it. The results of the DNA tests that are being proposed for Bolivar's remains will certainly allow Chavez to sleep peacefully at night, and it will also let the Venezuelan taxpayers know that their money is being invested in very important projects to improve the quality of life of Venezuelans. Pathetic.

Be prepared, however, to find something more pathetic than this in the distant future... or maybe not so distant.

More information available at Yahoo News.


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