Monday, October 01, 2007

New headquarters for the United Nations?

If you thought that Evo Morales' proposal to force Coca Cola to remove the "Coca" part from its trademark was funny and ridiculous, you have to check this note.

The Bolivian newspaper "La Razón" revealed that the government of such country, led by Evo Morales, does not like to have the United Nations headquartered in New York. Therefore, they'll launch an international campaign to relocate the UN elsewhere. According to Juan Ramón Quintana, Minister of the Presidency, the government decided to launch this project because some of the Bolivian representatives at the UN have had problems to enter the United States recently.

Quintana said that "the United Nations should be moved to a country where every country of the world can be granted the same citizenship status (sic) and not as they do in the US with so much arrogance". He boasted about having support from other nations, especially in Africa, for this awkward initiative. He obviously didn't give any details of who those mysterious supporters are.

In any case, I wonder if there is a country in the world where people from every single nationality can clear immigration without any formality, as Evo Morales' government suggests, to serve as the ideal place to move the UN. Is it that Bolivia grants these rights to visitors from around the world? That's not the case, especially after the Bolivian government decided to require tourist visas for US nationals visiting the South American country. Thus, according to the Bolivian government's rationale, La Paz or any other Bolivian city is discarded to be the future location for the United Nations' headquarters, should their initiative have any success at all. But they might have a plan B, which may consider cities such as Havana, Caracas or Tehran.

I look forward to the results of this doomed-to-failure adventure.


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