Saturday, July 05, 2008

New Orleans, like no other place on Earth!

I always suspected that New Orleans was like no other place on Earth. The mix of French, Spanish, and American cultures there would definitely guarantee a way of life that cannot be seen elsewhere. But I always wanted to prove myself that my theory was true... and after making a short trip to that city recently, I not only confirmed that culture is unique there, but I also learned that the city offers a travel experience that fits pretty much any kind of interests and tastes.

So what makes New Orleans special? It is not only the delicious food that can be purchased in the numerous restaurants in the legendary French Quarter and the central business district; in virtually any corner, it is possible to find a place where they sell typical Louisiana dishes, such as Jambalaya, Gumbo or Po'boys. It is not only the fantastic music that can be enjoyed in bars and music halls in the French Quarter and in the Faubourg Marigny neighbourhood, where jazz, blues and zydeco flow in the atmosphere to delight music lovers. It is not only the wild nightlife that can be enjoyed in the worldwide famous Bourbon street, where people are allowed to drink in the outdoors and where the mix of lights, colors, sounds and flavours seem to be ubiquitous from dusk to dawn.

New Orleans is much more than any those features alone. New Orleans is a mix of all of them. The warmth of its inhabitants, the feeling of meeting a part of the past and the present by walking on the French Quarter and seeing the central business district a few blocks away, the experience of riding a streetcar dating back to the early 20th century while admiring the beauty of the Mississippi river... all those make New Orleans a unique place. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend people to visit New Orleans at least once in their lifetime, in fact I think that I should visit it again sometime in the future to live again all those things that can only be lived in New Orleans. I must say, the city itself is a whole experience, and of course I confirmed that New Orleans is like no other place on Earth!


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